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  What is The Sims Online?

     The Sims Online is a massive online world, the main aim of the designers, Maxis, is to create a community of thousands of individually controlled Sims. Players will make friends, earn money and find love online. The game was inspired by the feedback Maxis received from fans of the Sims.


What do I need?

These are the minimum requirements:

450MHz CPU
1,000MB disk space
28K modem
Windows 98 or better

There is a monthly charge of $10, this is for server maintenance.


How do relationships work?                                                                                                             

Just like The Sims, you will need friends. Friends to keep your mood in check, to help you out and to improve your job. In The Sims this is easy, the little people you call your friends are nothing but computer generated and controlled graphics, it is true that they are still computer-generated graphics in The Sims Online only now, there will be someone, somewhere controlling it! Every Sim you talk to will be another person, linked to you via the Internet. It is possible to find people you don't get on with, that's why it is a good idea to join social clubs or neighborhoods of people with similar interests as yourself.

Clubs are an excellent way to go about things. You can meet like-minded people and have a constant connection with other Sims but you can also use these clubs to earn money. If you wanted to advertise a business, you would have a good client base at your fingertips! You can also earn money if you started the club, you can charge people to enter your property/clubhouse, the more popular the club the more you can charge and the more people who will visit.

House sharing is another possibility, considering you only start out with 4,000, it is near impossible to buy a nice house on your own straight away. If you move in with three people, you have 12,000 to spend on the niceties of life. Maxis have made the starting money so low because they want to encourage social interaction. Arguments are inevitable though, that's why you will appoint a leader of the house. They will have the power to evict troublesome roommates and keep peace within the household. The worst thing that could possibly happen is for a roommate to leave so it is in the best interest for everyone if they resolve their dispute!


What careers are there?

Careers are a new exciting prospect for TSO. You can have any job you can imagine. Travel round social events, try and make some fellow Sims chuckle and perhaps they will give some spare change for your troubles! Start a club with your housemates or perhaps you'd prefer a coffee shop. One flaw with Maxis' plan is the proposed idea to give people the ability to charge entry into their homes... this is meant to be a realistic game!

You can run your own company, club, restaurant, or whatever. You can also work for someone else. If you choose to make your own business you will have to build it and hire staff and run the day to day functions of the business. You also make money by just charging someone to come onto your lot. This is accomplished by doors which can be set to a dollar amount or a password to keep people out of certain areas. If you choose to work for someone else you will have to find a job once you get online. Some websites have already posted ads for workers.


How do I get around?

Transportation or just getting around. In The Sims you catch the car pool for work or call a cab to go downtown. In TSO this has been streamlined by the "Gizmo". The Gizmo works as a search engine, teleporter. Say someone tells you about a party but you can't remember where it is. You do remember part of the name though. You open the Gizmo type in the name you do know and it will give you a list of all lots with that name in them. Once you figure out the one you need you just click the link and you are transported there. The Gizmo will also give you a preview of the lot you are going to. Pictures of the Gizmo below.


What wont be there?

Cheats are the first thing. All those cheats you know for Sims like money and move objects, forget them, wont work in The Sims Online.

Next user made skins and objects. At least not at launch time. Maxis has said they will make it possible later to add these. The reason they wont be in the game at launch is two fold. First online objects perform differently than objects in The Sims. It really comes down to programming. Second some user objects are not appropriate for younger players and will have to be rated by age. This will come later as well a rating system for content of player lots. When the game launches there will be filters but these will become more automatic later.

Now as for user made skins. Several reasons for these to not be in at the launch of the game. As mentioned with objects there is content and appropriateness of the skin for younger players. Next to consider is copyrighted material. Say you want to be Batman or Spiderman. This is fine in your Sims game. But online you are basically publishing a copyrighted costume. Maxis can't do this legally and can't allow you to do it either. Something will be worked out later no doubt. For now though, not going to be there.