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  The Sims; Past, Present and Future?

The Sims is the best selling PC game of all time! This addictive title has had five expansion packs with a sixth on the way, there is no stopping the addictive, positively dangerous, success of this game. With the arrival of The Sims Online who knows what will happen!


The Sims, Past, Present and Future?


A Guide To The Sims

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The Sims: That Started It All...

Penetrate the madcap world of The Sims. It has been some time since the launch of The Sims, yet 5 expansion pack releases later, Iím writing a small review about the ground breaking game we know as The Sims.

This game puts you solely in charge of a household, the contents, and most importantly, the inhabitants. If youíre the bossy kind of individual with plenty of aggression to vent, you should love this game. Right from the very start of this game you are made a god with a mission which is to keep your Sims happy, rolling in the green and full of creativity. None of these goals are going to be easy to fulfil and accomplishing them will take a whole host of factors to be just right. Such as their job, their mood, their social life and even down to what type of house they live in because like anyone of us, they like a few classy items in their homes and a little bit of originality.

Maxis have a reputation of developing games which donít have an end to, the kind of game which you could play for a long time and The Sims is no exception. Be very aware, this game has no ending with flashy winning movies and special features to be unlocked. In fact, this game has no ending at all, not counting when you remove it from your computer. As with nearly all their other titles, the game is continually being updated to try and keep you amused and playing the game. Hundreds of new items can be downloaded for the game. Even if you have already got all the items from the official website (beware of the blue clock and do not place it by the fire place under no circumstances) you can still find hundreds, maybe thousands on fan websites. However, if you encounter a little hamster, do not download it for I have heard many tales of it killing peoples Sims. If you must have a pet, the recently released Sims Unleashed (good pun in there) expansion pack gives you the ability to own pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters (I think) among many others.

Off the top of my head, the current expansions are:
Liviní It Up
House Party
Hot Date

This game is a great title from Maxis and Electronic Arts that is a must buy for the bossy and angry people (and everyone else) not forgetting for those people who like playing god (you know you do really). With so many updates it is hard to become bored with the game. Take note that you should not expect to be able to jump into the game and have an easy time with your Sim. You may even have to restart your game several times before you even begin to get things right and even then; things could take a while before your Sim starts to live life to the full!

Now Iím off to see if my The Sims Online beta-test discs are here. I think Iíll start a posh gold interior coffee shop/cyber cafťÖ

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