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News: is searching for a new host. Gaming shorts:   Crazy Taxi 3 Hi-roller is going to be released on the X-Box and it is currently around 65% completed. Unreal Tournament 2 is now named Unreal Tournament 2003 but it apperantly will be out in 2002 in Europe, no set dates and may be out in time for summer. Burn-Out, the popular Playstation 2 game where you have to race other cars (spetacular crashes) has now been released for the Microsoft X-Box! Console price drops have been announced recently. The PSOne is now, in Europe around £50 from the old price of around £90. The X-Box price has also been dropped to about £199 from the old price of around £299. The best cut though has to be the GameCube price cut. It now, in the U.S costs less than in pounds sterling!

Welcome to the award winning gaming community as known from TV!

Brief News: If you would like to review any game of your choice (providing you have played it) you may. Just send us the review and if it is decent, we will include it on the site!

News Posted by Btcc22: We have been having a few forum problems of late (nothing to do with us) and we are just restoring the colour scheme now although, we hope to move by the end of July but it isn't looking hopeful.

News Posted by Btcc22 (11/07/02, 19:48 GMT): As you have probably noticed, we have changed the image that is positioned above the game charts as we felt it was time for a change. Hope you like it!

News Posted by Btcc22: JP2 technology! Just to announce that shortly, we will be running the new JPEG technology file format of JP2 on our site shortly and we would like to recommened that you download the plug-in for your browser. We will post the link on a future date. We will continue to run our normal site for a while after the change though too. JP2 offers higher image quality at lower file sizes so we feel it will help the browsing experience of TouringNet for everyone even though it is currently modem friendly.

News Posted by Btcc22: Just a quick reminder that TouringNet can be found on the mobile phone web, W.A.P at (has been for years) but we hope to make it available for W.A.P also at sometime.

News Posted by Btcc22: Welcome back to TouringNet! We have found a new host at long last so we would like to thank <no host, awaiting new>! Also, while the site was down, we managed to register as it has been unavailable to register in the past so now you are able to visit us there too!




















European Top 10 Charts:

1. Metal Gear Solid 2: S.O.L-PS2

2. Halo-PC, X-Box

3. Gran Turismo 3-PS2

4. Grand Theft Auto 3-PS2, PC*

5. Pro. Gothham Racing-PS2

6. Max Payne-PC

7. Dead Or Alive 3-X-Box

8. Monsters Inc: Scare Island-PS2

9. Tekken Tag Tournament-PS2

10. Medal Of Honor: A.S-PC


Japanese Top 5 Charts:

1. Xenosaga Episode 1-PS2

2. Idadaki Streets-PS2

3. Prince Of Tennis-PS1

4. Kanon-PS2

5. Haruka 2: Romance Of Eternity-PS2


*To be released on.


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