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Our bistro has plenty of chairs and can support groups of Sims to eat there. The tables can be easily rearranged to cater for larger groups.

We have a range of kitchen accessories to use to help your Sims prepare their meal.

After their meal they can relax and watch TV in our comfy sofa or light a fire.

There are job items upstairs plus a bathroom.

Here is a total list: Updated 26/9/02:

Chairs , Egg Chair, Sofas , Fridge, Tables, Microwave, Buffet, Computer, Refrigerator ,Blender, Guitar, Typewriter, Painting Easel x2, Fireplace x3, Beds x2, Stereo, TV, Toilet, Sink x4 ,Shower, Elevator x2 ,Stairs, Patio, Balcony, Dresser




*Chairs have been added to the tables since this screenshot was taken.